School bus tracking

Now Schools and Transporters can keep track of school bus constantly online. They can manage and plan routes better, ensuring smooth drive to the destinations and more economical operations, and at the same time parents are well Informed about their child’s school bus through the Childinfi App.

Real-Time Attendance

The Attendance Management System tracks each child's presence in the school. Attendance is maintained on school buses also to ensure that children board their respective buses and at the same time parents are sent a notification confirming that their child has boarded the bus safely

Video surveillance

Child safety in school and in the bus, can be ensured with constant vigilance. Thus, our product 'childinfi ' helps to safeguard children while traveling in school bus

Digital Schooling

Childinfi Digital schooling software is designed for schools, teachers and students to connect the class easily, track their progress and achieve more together with less paperwork, more teaching and safety.

Fleet & Routes Management

Childinfi helps schools to monitor the misuse of buses during and after school hours. The fleet manager can create customized routes and assign the respective bus and drivers to the routes, which results to minimum operation cost and safety to the asset.

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