ur memorable journey begins in 2018, when childinfi founders, Aniket Rai Mathur with a vision to build a world class product for child safety in India. After investing several months in research to find the solution related to child safety and digitalization of schooling for better education system.

The founders carried out the survey and result were appalling, the results of a survey revealed that parents would like more visibility into their children’s safety and security while on board the school bus. In fact, survey results suggested that an overwhelming majority want to see far closer, active monitoring of school buses and their drivers. To help raise consciousness for school bus safety, Founders developed the product ‘Childinfi’ under the name of software based firm WEBFANATIC ONLINE SOLUTIONS LLP. The primary motive behind this pioneering product is to provide an automated solution for any scholastic institution and peace of mind for parents. The smartest innovative minds backing for our product have made it user-friendly and accessible on all platforms, making it a major choice for the schools to adapt.

What we do?

Simply put, we make products that solve real problems of people around us. With our product childinfi we are committed to creating solutions that simplify the lives of our customers and clients by using the power of technology and ideas.

We use the latest technologies in machine-to-machine communication like GPS and RFID. The solutions being based on mobility allow the flexibility of access anytime anywhere, thereby making them truly customer friendly.

The unique tracking and RFID attendance solutions designed by our team suit diverse customer needs. Our GPS school bus tracking system, Childinfi ensures peace of mind for parents by tracking and updating them about the location of their children during their commute.

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision

We are responsible towards our clients and we ensure that our customers gain maximum benefits from our solutions.

Our Mission

Our endeavour is to create a team dedicated to exploring latest technologies for creating simple yet effective solutions. It is our mission to create happier and satisfied clients who consider us as partners in their growth. We ensure this through constant feedback and inputs from our customers