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What is Childinfi tracking solutions? Why might parents need it?

Childinfi is an easy-to- use website and app that enables parents to see the location of their child’s school bus on a smartphone and tablet. This way, parents will know when the bus is near their stop, so they can send their children at bus stop just at the right time. Parents can use the Childinfi website and app to see when their children have scanned on and off the bus.

How does childinfi works?

Childinfi uses global positioning system (GPS) technology to locate and track student’s school bus. It is powered by software from CHILDINFI, who are experts at tracking data.

Is the information of student’s data private and secure?

Childinfi uses HTTPS, just like a bank or online store, which means that all communications between your web browser and the site is encrypted and secure. (That’s what the S in “HTTPS� stands for – secure.)

How can a parent sign up?

Parents can sign up for Childinfi only if their schools are enrolled for this service. Childinfi server will send parents one-time password (OTP) on their registered mobile number to access the Childinfi website and app.

What’s the difference between the Childinfi mobile app and the website?

The primary difference is how user access the data. The look and feel are different on a mobile device for better on-the- go use. User can use the mobile and tablet apps anywhere.

Do parents need separate accounts for each of their children?

Parents and their children can have access of all the information about the buses and on-bus details using just one Childinfi account.

How can a parent get his/her school to add Childinfi?

Talk to other parents to help spread the word. Be sure to discuss it with decision-makers, such as their superintendent, PTA members school board members, and transportation director. Share with them that you want ‘Childinfi, product at your school.

What is school bus attendance? Why might parent need it?

School bus attendance is a student-tracking software that can be accessed through the Childinfi app, which enables parent to see when their children have scanned on and off the bus, offering them the peace of mind of knowing that their children safely made it on the right bus and got off at the right stop.

Is my child’s scanning information secure?

The Childinfi website and app, which hosts the information, is encrypted and secure to keep your child’s scanning data safe.

How does parent get the information about their child’s scans on and off the bus?

Parents can use the Childinfi mobile device app, which enables parents to view when their children scanned on and off the bus on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Parents can also receive push alerts and that identify their children bus number and time and location of scan.

Why video surveillance system is required on school buses?

Video surveillance systems monitor student and driver behaviour during routes, and record the external environment. School bus cameras can capture bullying between students as well as accusations against the driver. With video footage, schools will no longer have to resolve conflicting stories about interactions on the school bus.

Why RFID attendance system is needed for students?

Schools utilizing RFID innovation stay ahead as a part of rivalry. Keeping up programmed consistency of understudy participation and making a move against late-comers and non-actively present students, schools can improve scholarly execution of understudies as well as assume a dynamic part in the all- encompassing advancement of every understudy.

How RFID system works?

Childinfi provides RFID Attendance management services for schools. This system is very easy to use. Here Simply, Students will have our RFID card as their ID cards, we will place RFID Readers in Schools, the students have to show their RFID cards to the devices which will scan unique Code of RFID Tags and will store the data and send it to our cloud server through GPRS in "REALTIME", Schools will have authority to check reports.